'A tragedy:' Waukesha man sentenced to three years probation for deadly bicycle crash

’A tragedy: ’ Waukesha man sentenced to three years probation for deadly bicycle crash

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. -- (CBS 58) -- A Waukesha man found guilty of causing the deadly bicycle crash that killed a beloved pediatrician was sentenced.

James Kramp, 73, received three years of probation for the fatal accident.

In June of 2018, Kramp was driving along Golf Rd. in the town of Delafield. According to the prosecution, Kramp hit Dr. Brian Yagoda who was riding his bicycle on the shoulder. "He wasn't entirely on the gravel shoulder, but he certainly wasn't entirely on the roadway where he's supposed to be and that's the basis for this criminal prosecution. He did not operate his vehicle safely," said the prosecutor.

Dr. Yagoda died from the crash.

Initially, Kramp was charged with homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle, a felony, but he plead guilty to lesser charges. The prosecution said his actions weren’t intentional.

The sentencing hearing was emotional for both families, including the judge.

"I don't think his loss is only felt by us, its felt by everyone," said Dr. Yagoda’s nephew.

Kramp’s family also made statements. "The torment of this accident has had a profound effect on my father,” said Bryan Kramp. "He never meant to hurt anyone."

Despite the tragedy, Shirley, Dr. Yagoda’s wife, hopes the sentencing will bring some closure. "It's been very long and tiring and hard,” she said. "I do think that the state of Wisconsin has a problem with older people driving and that's probably my next project is to try to work with the state.”

Since the accident, Shirley raised funds to add a paved shoulder where her husband was killed. She plans to continue to work on efforts to make roads safer in the state.

Kramp has voluntarily given up his driver's license. He was also ordered to pay $10,317.46 in restitution to Mrs. Yagoda. 

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