A Little Warmth w/More Wind

We flirt with 40 degrees today.  Problem is we won't really feel it because the wind chill numbers will be in the 20s to near 30.

We just got the wind to stop a bit.  And now, it's picking up again.  In fact, look for gusts at least 25 mph as we venture into the evening.  And from there, the numbers increase even more.  One computer model has 35 mph wind gusts Thursday evening.  Plus the temperatures will be colder.  So we're talking about single digit wind chill numbers on Thursday and subzero readings Friday morning.

Weatherwise, it should be quiet with the exception of a few flurries or light snow showers Thursday afternoon into the evening with an upper air feature.  But when the weather does turn more active, you should be ahead of the game and have the CBS58 Ready Weather app already downloaded.  It's free, and you still have the chance of winning a free weather station just by sending us your creative photos via the app.  We'll pick a winner Friday night at 10pm on CBS58.

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