A Dry, But Seasonable March

March started off cool, but ended on a mild note. Through the ups and downs, we still ended up with near normal temperatures overall on the month. As you can see from the image below we managed to hit seventy degrees once and also managed to stay above zero, but just barely!  Sixteen days featured above normal temperatures and fourteen days were colder than normal. One day came in right on target in terms of the average temperatures.


The precipitation, however, was lacking considerably. Normal precipitation on the month is 2.27\" with 7\" of that as normal snowfall. We ended with just .83\" of precipitation, of that, 4.9\" of snow fell during the month. Just four days had measurable snowfall and through the first three weeks of the month we had just one day with wet weather.

Wet weather days included 3.4\" of snow on the 3rd, and an inch on the 23rd. With the 26th and 27th of the month providing .2\" and .3\" of snow respectively. In addition, March 25th provided our one decent rain day with .23\" in the rain bucket.

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