'This is vindication': Fans reflect in awe on Bucks' victory parade

NOW: ’This is vindication’: Fans reflect in awe on Bucks’ victory parade

MILWAUKEE, Wis.-- The Bucks' victory parade drew 300,000 fans to downtown Milwaukee, celebrating the city's first NBA Championship in 50 years.

"Oh my goodness, great atmosphere! The fans of Milwaukee could not have been better," Zach Bush said. "Holy crap! They were electric the entire time."

Champagne and confetti showered the streets of Milwaukee as the Bucks floated through a sea of green.

"It was incredible! I saw the trophy. I saw Middleton. I saw Giannis. It was amazing," Alex Kussler said.

The championship trophy proudly tossed from player to player, hoisted in the air for all close enough to catch a sparkling glimpse.

"Just seeing them drive by with the trophy, the Larry O'Brien, being held up in the sky. Like, nothing beats that," Joey Fritsch said.

These are the same fans who went to $5 games at the Bradley Center. The same ones who religiously packed the Deer District for every playoff game, finally getting their shot to see their favorite players off screen. 

"If I could have jumped up in the air out of my chair, I would have," Randall Riek said.

As all good parades do, it passed by too quickly.

"It's one of those happy feelings when you just want it to keep going on and on and on," Jamal Thompson said.

Just long enough for fans to have an unforgettable memory.

"This is vindication," Greg Gibson said. "I'm really happy. I'm extremely proud of my city."

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