88Nine Launches All Milwaukee Radio Station

NOW: 88Nine Launches All Milwaukee Radio Station


The people behind 88Nine Radio Milwaukee launched a new all-Milwaukee, all day radio station Tuesday morning. 414Music.FM will play Milwaukee bands and artists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The station's first song was the worldwide premiere of the track "Secrets" by GGOOLLDD.

414Music.FM is simulcast on 88.9 HD2,  and streamed at 414Music.FM and the 88Nine App.

88Nine has already been playing Milwaukee music every hour for 10 years, so their music library is already pretty extensive. The team also got a lot of help from people in the know around the area.

"The team has really done a great job of curating a selection of great, diverse Milwaukee music that I think still has the sensibility of the FM, which is, again, we might play rap, we might play some Americana, we might play some alternative rock. You expect that from 88Nine. That's what we do." said program director Jordan Lee.

Local musicians can also submit their music, old and new, to Radio Milwaukee for a chance at some airtime.

"That's my hope with this channel," said Lee. "is that we find these kids and say not only is your music great but we're going to put it right next to some of the names of the past like the Violent Femmes or Citizen King and say let's get you to do more. Let's move this thing forward."

88Nine is celebrating 10 years this weekend on Saturday June 24th outside its Walker's Point studios with the 88Nine Block Party. It's a free, all-day concert featuring Milwaukee artists REYNA, D'Amato and Abby Jeane.

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