3 College Students Locked Up after Prostitution Sting in Fla.

MIAMI (CBS NEWS)– Three college students are behind bars following a prostitution sting in Coral Gables, CBS Miami reports.

“You are arrested for engaging in prostitution,” Judge Mindy Glazer said in court Thursday.

Samara Charlotin, 19, and Acacia Friedman, 23, might look like innocent young girls, but police accuse them of being high-priced prostitutes.

According to the arrest report, Maury Noun orchestrated the deal that brought police into the picture.

Noun met with an undercover officer at the Hotel Colonnade’s restaurant where they would discuss the terms.

The report states Noun would receive $3,000 for brokering the deal and it would be $5,000 for sex with both girls.

After the officer paid Noun his fee, the 21-year-old brought Charlotin and Friedman into the room.

The officer paid the girls and that’s when he signaled police to arrest the trio.

“We don’t like that there are prostitutes. I will tell ya, that’s news to me because we are Coral Gables people and we do not need to hear about prostitution,” Kathy, a Coral Gables resident, told CBS Miami.

Needless to say, it was a shock for Coral Gables residents who take pride in the “City Beautiful” where things like this just don’t happen.

“I never know there was anything like that happening here in the last place you think of,” said Fatima Ramon.

A case of foolish college kids hustling some bucks?

“What are you studying?” Glazer asked Charlotin.

“I am a biology major and a minor in criminal justice,” she responded.

“Where do you study at?” Glazer followed up.

“Florida International University,” Charlotin said.

Friedman and Noun are students at the University of Miami.

At Charlotin’s home, a tearful family member was at a loss for words.

“What do you want me to say?” they cried out.

Judge Glazer told the 19-year-old student maybe the arrest would teach her an important lesson.

“Maybe it is a good thing you got arrested. Maybe you will change your way… lead a new path. Focus on school. You’ll do well,” she said.

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