3 arrested in homicide case of central Wisconsin woman shot and killed on Milwaukee's north side

NOW: 3 arrested in homicide case of central Wisconsin woman shot and killed on Milwaukee’s north side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police say they have arrested three people in connection to the homicide of a central Wisconsin woman.

Authorities say 23-year-old Kristin Zastrow of Waushara County was shot and killed Monday, Sept. 6 on the 4900 block of West Capitol Drive.

Surveillance video showed the aftermath of what happened

Police said Thursday they arrested two 21-year-old men and one 22-year-old man tied to the investigation.

People who live in the area say they are glad to hear about the arrests.

"I'm happy they got the people off the street that were doing it," Steven Shah, who lives near the scene of the incident, told CBS 58. "Because even if it's just a couple of them, it's a couple less shooters out there."

While there are people in custody, the violence close to home remains a concern.

"It's a nice neighborhood, you know, and you would think that people would respect that more," Shah said.

One neighbor said she witnessed the police response.

"Definitely very shocked that it happened so close," Kathleen, a neighbor close by, said. "But one of the things that's for sure is that I saw them trying to revive the young lady, and unfortunately, she didn't make it."

Residents including Kathleen said the incident adds to concerns about violence and reckless driving in the area.

"We're glad that there has been arrests," Kathleen said. "But it's just a small thing that has happened in a positive way, but we deal with these issues here every day."

Police are still working on a motive. Charges will be referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office in the coming days.

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