1800 Volunteers Build New Berlin Wheelchair-Friendly Playground

Close to 2000 volunteers are coming together this week to build a new playground in Malone Park -- one that is accessible to all kids and parents, regardless of physical or cognitive disabilities. 

"Kids that might have a physical disability or maybe a cognitive disability will be able to play side by side with their friends," said Jamie Rodgers, Publicity Chair. 

"We will have ramps, we will have poured-in-place rubber surfacing instead of wood chips, so they'll be able to play together." 

The half-a-million dollar project has been in the works for about 6 months, and is being built with thousands of dollars of donations. 

When it's done, anyone - child, parent, grandparent - will be able to access this playground without fear of being left out.

"It's amazing how this has pulled together the community," said volunteer Lynn North. 

Playgrounds may be for kids, but this is something these grown up volunteers will also enjoy long term.

"Many of them live here, drive by, see it." she said. "They can say 'I put this roof together,' 'I built this ramp.' It will mean something for years."

The group is still trying to raise money to buy a special wheelchair swing. It will cost around $50,000. If you would like to donate or find out more please visit http://playgroundatmalone.org/

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