'I love watching him:' 17-year-old Cedarburg pro wrestler making a name for himself

NOW: ’I love watching him:’ 17-year-old Cedarburg pro wrestler making a name for himself

CEDARBURG, Wis. (CBS 58) -- This weekend one of the biggest events for independent wrestling in Wisconsin is being held in Waukesha.

The annual Blizzard Brawl is taking place at the Waukesha County Expo. Among the legendary wrestlers participating is a teenager from Cedarburg.

"I built up the courage and said, 'Hey man, Dad, I want to be a pro wrestler,'" Kal Herro said.

For many, that may have been a tough conversation, but not for Herro. His dad, David, couldn't have been more supportive. After all, David Herro is one of Wisconsin's biggest wrestling promoters and a founder of Great Lakes Championship Wrestling.

"I love watching him do it," David said. "I'm that proud papa that's always videotaping."

Kal is a 17-year-old Cedarburg High School senior and his opponents are coming for him.

"My biggest concern for him was, and I told him, if you want to do this, you're going to have a bulls-eye on your front and on your back," David said. "Because people are going to say, 'Oh it's Dave Herro's kid and he has his connections and he's going to have special privileges.' He [Kal] takes it seriously because even though he has those privileges, he also has lots of eyes watching him."

Kal has only been wrestling for around a year. He's in the gym four days a week and trains every Sunday in South Milwaukee with wrestler Angel Armani.

"Right now he's getting all of the physical aspects of it down. He’s understanding the psychology and storytelling. The use of facial expressions," David said.

“I focus on having a relationship with the fans. Once we bond, it changes the whole atmosphere," Kal said.

Kal will be wrestling at the Blizzard Brawl on Saturday at 7 p.m. More information can be found on the event website.

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