13 year-old fled from custody at Juvenile Justice Center

A 13 year-old boy fled the entrance of the Juvenile Justice Center when he was being released to the custody of his case manager and two social workers, on August 3. 
The case manager and social workers were transporting the juvenile to the Lad Lake group home. 
The boy threatened the case workers, saying, “I’m about to bust you in your mouth!” He appeared to be about to strike the case worker and then he fled. He ignored deputies’ orders to stop, and they apprehended him after a short foot pursuit.  One deputy was injured in a fall during the chase.
The boy complained of an ankle injury and was taken to the hospital for evaluation.  After being medically cleared, he became combative. According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department he spit, kicked, slammed his head, threw his body and was verbally abusive towards medical staff and deputies.  
The deputies placed him in belly chains, leg restraints and a spit mask to protect those around him. 
He was transported back to the Children’s Detention Center and placed in a restraint chair.
Sheriff Clarke said, “Officials at the Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Center continue to play patty cake with individuals displaying extreme out-of-control, anti-social behavior.  The 13-year-old subject has been arrested four times, including felony robbery/use of force, and other drug violations. Now this 13-year-old threatens a case worker and leads sheriff’s deputies on a foot pursuit.  It is time to get serious with this dangerous criminal, and sentence him to long-term confinement at Lincoln Hills.”
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