Workers inside foundry speak out about fire and injuries

SAUKVILLE-\"All I could see was smoke and flames!\" That's the scene described by worker Eric Bailey after several workers were burned at Johnson Brass and Machine Monday afternoon.

\"I saw a man with his pant leg burnt off,\" Bailey told CBS 58 News.

A night shift supervisor at the foundry told CBS 58 News that there was no explosion.  He described the incident as \"hot metal got loose and burned several men, some serious.\"

Fire officials, however, were still referring to the incident as an explosion hours after all the hurt workers had been transported to the hospital.

Molten brass at an estimated 2,100 degrees was being poured into a tumbler spinning at a high rate of speed when something went wrong.

Chief Gilly Schultz said \"It had to be a pretty good explosion to throw six or seven people. So, it was a good explosion.\"

Fire crews were able to put out the fire that followed quickly.

\"I'm praying for them and their families, hope everything is okay,\" nearby resident Kathy declared.

At last report, three workers remained at the Columbia St Mary's Burn Center.

Four others went to other local hospitals.


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