Women's World Cup watch parties bring out thousands of soccer fans in Milwaukee

NOW: Women’s World Cup watch parties bring out thousands of soccer fans in Milwaukee

Thousands of soccer fans all across Milwaukee were cheering loud and proud for team U.S.A on Sunday. The U.S. women beat out the Netherlands 2-0 to become just the second team in history to win back-to-back World Cup titles.

Managers at Fiserv Forum say every time the U.S. Women's Soccer Team scored a goal, the crowd went ‘absolutely crazy.’ They say the cheering made it feel like you were inside the stadium.  When the game ended, the crowd went wild, as the U.S. Women's Soccer Team won the FIFA Women's World Cup.

“Oh the crowd was phenomenal, they were loud you can tell from a block away that something was going on, it was special," said Kyle Boers of Oak Creek.

"Just to see like our country and to root and just to see all the ways women can be excellent it was like, our team was great and we performed awesome, we won and of course I'm happy," said Marcus Doucette of Milwaukee.

Soccer fans and players lined up Oakland Avenue in Shorewood and Brady Street in Milwaukee. Most cheered on team U.S.A.

"I've always been a fan of soccer. I’ve been playing my entire life, love the U.S.A., and been watching the entire World Cup so I wanted to support them here," said Krista Oelhafen of Allenton.  

A select few, like Milwaukee Wave Soccer's midfielder, Hans Denissen, couldn't help to cheer on his home country, the Netherlands.

"Oh definitely cheering on the Dutch today, although you know US has been a big part of my life, but you know growing up in the Netherlands, you can't beat that," said Denissen.

More than 2,000 fans filled the beer garden at Fiserv Forum.

"Probably had 2,000 here outside in the beer garden another 500 or so inside our restaurant mecca it's something that's been building as the tournament's gone on," said Raj Saha, General Manager of the Fiserv Forum.

Saha says a loud cheer exploded, when badger Rose Lavelle scored a goal securing the U.S. women’s place in soccer history.

"You know with the roar of the crowd that you get in soccer, you know it was so intense in here, and you know people went crazy during both goals," adds Saha.

“Once they won it is just validation that they were the best team,” says Boers.

Sunday’s game may have gotten the support of thousands, but fans tell CBS 58, no matter what sport it is they'll always support the USA.

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