Witnesses Allege Home Invasion Led to Triple Shooting

CBS 58—Milwaukee police are investigating a triple shooting that happened near N 27th and Brown Streets Tuesday.

According to police around 1 PM the three males were shot. One man died and another man and a teenager were injured.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and did not release any information about suspects.

Witnesses on scene allege the shooting was the result of a break-in.

“They're upset and frustrated and their home wasn't safe,” said Rev. Alexis Twito, The Milwaukee Police Chaplains Coordinator for the Salvation Army.

Rev. Twito provided support to a family, after their home became a crime scene Tuesday afternoon.

“They just told me that this is a home invasion gone bad,” Rev. Twito said.

As police interviewed some witnesses, Rev. Twito counseled others.

“There was one member of the family who had already been interviewed and she and I spent some time talking about what it felt like to have her home broken in to and how scary it is to not know what's going on,” Rev. Twito said.

That family member told Rev. Twito she was upstairs when she heard the gun shots.

“She said she was just trying to help get the kids ready for school this week so there were nieces and nephews and people in the house,” Rev. Twito said.

Police have not confirmed that this was a home.

According to the family, only one of the victims lived in the home.

“One of the family members in the home was shot, and then the home invaders also, I believe,” Rev. Twito said.

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