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Wisconsin's 'Safer at Home' order in effect March 25 through April 24 -- here are the guidelines

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Gov. Tony Evers directed Department of Health Services (DHS) to issue a "Safer at Home" order that prohibits all nonessential travel, with some exceptions as clarified and defined in the order.

The order is effective 8 a.m. Wednesday, March 25, 2020 and will remain in effect until 8 a.m. Friday, April 24, 2020 -- or until a superseding order is issued.

“I know the COVID-19 outbreak has been difficult and has disrupted the lives ofpeopleacross our state. Issuing a Safer at Homeorder isn’t something Ithought we’d have to do and it’s not something I take lightly, but here’s the bottom line: folks need to start taking this seriously,” said Gov. Evers. “Each and every one of us hasto do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19 sowe can flatten the curveto ensureour doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers have the opportunity to do their important work.Let’sall do our part and work together.”

Individuals do not need special permission to leave their homes, but they must comply with this order as to when it is permissible to leave home. Similarly, if a business is an Essential Business or Operation as defined in this order, it does not need documentation or certification to continue its work that is done in compliance with this order.

Under this order, Wisconsin residents are able to:

  • Perform tasks essential to maintain health and safety, such as obtaining medicine or seeing a doctor;
  • Get necessary services or supplies for themselves or their family or household members, such as getting food and supplies, pet food and supplies necessary for staying at home;
  • Care for a family member in another household; and
  • Care for older adults, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or other vulnerable persons.

Businesses allowed to operate under the Safer at Home order include, but are not limited to:

  • Health care operations, including home health workers;
  • Critical infrastructure;
  • Businesses that provide food, shelter, and social services, and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise vulnerable individuals;
  • Fresh and non-perishable food retailers, including convenience stores, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and food banks;
  • Businesses that ship or deliver groceries, food and goods directly to residences;
  • Pharmacies, health care supply stores and health care facilities;
  • Child care facilities, with some limitations;
  • Gas stations and auto repair facilities;
  • Banks;
  • Laundry businesses, dry cleaners and services necessary for maintaining the safety, sanitation and essential operation of a residence, including garbage collection;
  • Hardware stores, plumbers, and electricians;
  • Educational institutions, for the purposes of facilitating distance learning;
  • Roles required for any business to maintain minimum basic operations, which includes security, and payroll; and
  • Law and safety, and essential government functions will continue under the recommended action.

The order contains detailed information regarding the exemptions provided to certain businesses. If a business is unsure about whether or not they are exempted from this order, please contact the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation here.

The public should follow simple steps to prevent illness and avoid exposure to this virus including:

Avoid social gatherings with people of all ages (including playdates and sleepovers, parties, large family dinners, visitors in your home, non-essential workers in your house);

  • Frequent and thorough hand washing with soap and water;
  • Covering coughs and sneezes;
  • Avoiding touching your face; and
  • Staying home

Read the formal order here: 

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ChrisSlaski 6 days ago
I'm due to fly into Wisconsin (milwaukee) from Phoenix Arizona on April 6th how is this going to affect my flight or my arrival and what I can expect? Also due to fly out of Milwaukee on April 10th back to Arizona will I be able to do so without any issues?
OpieChopBruce 6 days ago
Can someone kick me and my newborn son out on the street with no where to go with this stay at home order in place
There is another executive order pertaining to this. Currently until May 27th landlords may not serve eviction if the only reason is non-payment of rent as long as people aren't a danger to themselves or others. However, rent will still be due. It is meant to give people additional time to secure the funds. You can read any executive orders from our governor in their entirety here: https://evers.wi.gov/Pages/Newsroom/Executive-Orders.aspx
Abbs9618 7 days ago
So what happens after the 24th of April? This is only going to get worse, and after the 24th there will only be more people who are sick.
I'm a hairstylist, and I really don't want to go back to work until this is seriously under control! I have a son with asthma and if I cut someone's hair who is sick, and they get me sick, I'll bring it home to my son!
I'm a hard worker and busy my ass, but I seriously have a problem with being two inches from someone's face. I don't think a month is going to do shit.
We need to shut everything down for several months like other countries have.
Josh 7 days ago
People need to stay the f*** home. Y'all are just ignorant and stupid. I have medical health conditons and if i catch this from some old bastard or people not giving a dam...trust me it wont be pretty. Im sick of people not taking this serious and not giving a f***. There are people out there who want to stay alive and then theres the dumbf***s who continue to go out when its non-essential. STAY THE F*** HOME IF ITS NON-ESSENTIAL A-HOLES!!
Briannatv 8 days ago
Has anyone been to the grocery store ever since the stay at home order commenced? If so, have you been stopped by anyone at the store? I would just like to know because I do need to pick up some personal necessities. I’ve recently read something where they will be deciding to arrest people if they continue to do large gatherings but I don’t know if the store applies to that which sounds dumb..but it doesn’t hurt to be reassured. Thanks
imnotmyself Briannatv 5 days ago
You can leave to get necessities (food, things from hardware store, etc) and exercise (go for walks). You can read all executive orders in their entirety from our governor at https://evers.wi.gov/Pages/Newsroom/Executive-Orders.aspx
Jason 9 days ago
I'm I or anyone that works at Mercury Marine able to return to work anytime soon??
LeeWilmotHilby 9 days ago
I’m trying to understand if grocery stores in Wisconsin can return to self serve donuts, coffee, etc.
Dagas LeeWilmotHilby 9 days ago
No, the following is listed in the latest mandate:

"Cease any self-service operations of salad bars, beverage
stations, and buffets.
vm. Customers are prohibited from self-dispensing any
unpackaged food or beverage."
avery 9 days ago
if people from Minnesota go into Wisconsin during this "lockdown" will they be allowed to go back into Minnesota?
Guido 9 days ago
You failed to list that outdoor activities are allowed, state parks and whatnot are open. Fishing is fair game with license. Other outdoor activities etc etc, just practice distancing, blah blah blah.

Don't just pick and choose a few points for people to follow and leave the rest for them to find in "Article 12" because most people won't read it, or even if they do they may not understand the language it uses.
LaurieD 9 days ago
What should employees at Michael's arts and crafts do to have them close during this time? They are a NONessential business!
K 9 days ago
Everyone complaining about being stuck at home no .... There are plenty there are plenty of jobs in the healthcare field assisted living nursing home sitter so short we can’t even take care of patients instead of complaining about not working we will hire you go out and apply for a job
James K 9 days ago
Not sure about requirements needed for those jobs, but if your really in a bind, Walmart, Kwik Trip, Uber, and countless other businesses are hiring now as well. I'm not saying it's ideal if you are used to a more lucrative job, but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do.
I know that if I was in a position that I needed to work, I wouldn't think twice about any of those options. I wouldn't be surprised if food delivery people are making a killing right now tip wise as well.
JoeSada 10 days ago
Hey! I'm a Carpenter ( General Contractor), not a plumber or electrician but I DO have a family to feed.
I have customers that need work done.I have no choice in this matter if I go out the door and go straight to work and straight home nothing else in between besides a gas station, I refuse to stay home, to just watch the news and more depressing affects that are occuring due to This Viruse. I think as long as people are not congregating in groups, ( being stupid partying) and my other serious-minded folks that just want to make a living to provide for their families go about their businesses.I was in Home Depot Menards and other stores like this getting materials and I see the tape on the floors the distance people, you know what' Good enough for me. I still got to bring home bread and butter. I'm running out of toilet paper damn it!
James JoeSada 9 days ago
Not sure where your going here Joe? I was under the impression that ANY home maintenance/improvement was exempt from the stay at home order. I agree with you though either way. If your clients are willing to let you into their homes, great! Take the work.
Dagas JoeSada 9 days ago
You are listed under 'Critical Trade', which is essential. So, yes, go to work.
TRED 10 days ago
So what happens if we leave are house to not get necessities? But to go to a studio to record music? Or go see ur significant other?
James TRED 9 days ago
You could possibly make a bad mix tape....and why are you wanting to visit my significant other?
J/K, really though, you should limit your movements and contacts. This is not a joke....you don't want to catch this or inadvertantly pass it off to a loved one. Really.
CoronapocalypseNow 10 days ago
So much discontent and animosity towards our fellow man! Geez! Can't we all just sit back, relax, have a drink and watch the world burn together? Is that too much to ask?
Repton1 10 days ago
What a load of baloney . Issue a martial law order and have done with it.
Small businesses are going under and if the state tries to save them, it will go under . If no one is working.
This is a con game.
I have a background in some serious mathematics and epidemiology . We are being taken.
Under this kind of law , every cold and flu season will amount to everyone out of work. We are creating a depression. We are creating yet more of a run on goods and services . The hoarders will break us.
If we are to play this game then we need ration books and laws which send hoarders and black marketeers to a death sentence. Other wise it's a silly game.
And yes I have experienced shortages and outages and ration books.

The politicians including Evers are little dictators.
winrar123 Repton1 10 days ago
I doubt you are educated in anything science related, much less mathematics and epidemiology. Let me guess your an economics master also. The world's not ending and the market will always spring back. just sit down and let the experts do their jobs.
Fly 10 days ago
Hey hey hey
To whom it may concern:

My dad is a Vietnam War Veteran;
and He's up there in age; and you do the math with the age. Back to the matter of the fact; I am not letting my Father go outside period; to fetch anything from any type of store; in order to get ill
With this madness. He stay on the northside of town and im on the south end of it. So, I am going out tomorrow to make sure my dad is okay and will be doing that everyday; like I have been doing, before this fallacy happened. Im not driving i do use public transportation or a taxi to get there. But; u need to shut down those that are racist against our ethnic backgrounds -which are African American, Latinos, Indians, Hispanics, Mexicans, Jamaicans, Koreans, Japanese, Hmongs, Asians, Blacks, and Puerto Ricans. Meaning; the racist ones; which is some Caucasians; That are grouping with the white supremacist, and the "Klu Klux Klan".. They are the ones that threatens this state of spreading it to all the minorities, period. Heads up those racist individuals already stated because one if them have it so they gonna get the infected to cough in a bottle where they mix it so it will come out as mist, abd they can spray it and it can host on anyone. So please do not atop public transportation but i have to make sure my dad thee man that fought for this country for u and me; in the Vietnam war years to make sure u was safe and got to live the age u are now but im not staying in, my dad is my priority and im not trying to get arrested, but my dad stay in his own home and i stay in my own home, so i have to go. 🤷
Repton1 Fly 10 days ago
Your own racism is filthy.
winrar123 Fly 10 days ago
What? I mean I get part of this (that you need to help your dad, and you should) but what?
NancyFlorick 10 days ago
Right now my youngest daughter is visiting us and we live in Wisconsin & she lives with her boyfriend in Champaign Illinois will she be able to go back home with this Stay Home Order?I hope so becuz she wants to go back Home..And I want to know will I be able to go back to work at McDonald's on March 31,2020 cuz right now I'm on Vacation?
James NancyFlorick 10 days ago
Your Daughter can go home anytime. Heck, she can fly down to Florida if she wants...I've heard flights are dirt cheap. If I was her, I would leave as planned, and limit my movements once home.
As far as your job, I would suggest calling your supervisor. McDonalds are open across the state though, so I'm guessing your fine.
Craig 10 days ago
I'm 53, I've had heart surgery, been on life support, and have a low immune system, I also went through nuclear, biological, and chemical school in the military. The hardest part of all of this is to stay clean, stay indoors. Go if you must, but wear a mask, and clean off as soon as you enter your home. Disinfect everything that you can touch in your home. And dont allow anyone other than those that reside there into it. If you need to talk to someone, call them. That way you are sure that your home stays sanitary. People are going to die. Maybe your neighbors, maybe a family member, or two or three? But listen to what your leaders are telling you. How much money can you make in a month? How long will it take you to make it back? Well if your not here because yiur a dumbass. I'm thinking oh well. But I just had a grandson. He loves his grandpa and grandma, and if something were to happen to him. Because of ignorant and stupid people things like this is bound to happen. I don't care about me. But my grandson, who is just like millions out there deserves to grow and decide his own future. Not what some imbeciles decide for him because they cant wait a month to go to work?
Brandice 10 days ago
Ok I have to go pick up my kid that has been stuck at my mom's and he needs to be home to do the virtual schooling.. so am i going to get pulled over when i go pick him up and get a ticket? I cant pick him up until after 4pm tomorrow i run an inhome daycare during the day..
James Brandice 10 days ago
Your less likely to get pulled over now than at anytime in recent history.
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