Wisconsinites enjoy warm October weekend

NOW: Wisconsinites enjoy warm October weekend

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We traded winter coats for t-shirts in shorts here in Southeast Wisconsin this weekend.

"Pumpkin carving party, we do this every year, last year we did 70 pumpkins, this year we're doing 90," and Andy Orlowski.

Andy and Kimberly Orlowski say this annual pumpkin carving party is a tradition handed down by Kimberly's dad that always marks the Halloween season for them.

"We look forward to this every year, every October we look forward to doing this," said Andy.

The neighborhood comes together to carve pumpkins, sit around the fireplace, and enjoy food and, usually, welcome the cooler weather.

This year is a little different.

"This is probably our warmest year, I would say," said Kimberly.

While just the other day to go outside, you would need your gloves, a hat, and a coat, just to stay warm. If you're wearing all that on Saturday, you would be sweating.

"The sweater is completely unnecessary, there's a little breeze coming off the lake that makes it about right, but short sleeves are great for today."

Out on the riverfront, cafes were bustling. It felt like a late summer day.

Susie Micka and her family enjoyed tennis outside instead of inside like they normally do this time of year.

"So we've had a little family time on the tennis courts, went and got some coffee, walked along the lake side, and just enjoyed being in the sun for a change," said Micka.

Almost everyone can agree however, the cold weather must return soon.

If only to preserve all these unique pumpkins so they don't rot before Halloween.

"Like I said there's not one pattern that's the same, they're all different," said Andy.

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