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Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear arguments over 'Safer at Home' order

NOW: Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear arguments over ’Safer at Home’ order


MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58/AP) -- The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday, May 1, ruled that it will take up the case regarding the lawsuit brought on by the Republican-controlled Legislature, and Gov. Tony Evers administration's extension of the "Safer at Home" order.

Republican legislators filed the lawsuit directly with the high court last month after state Department of Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm extended the order to May 26.

The lawmakers say Palm lacked the authority to extend the order and asked the court to issue a temporary injunction blocking it.

The court ruled 6-1 on Friday afternoon to hold oral arguments on Tuesday morning, May 5.

Read the order here:

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TomPoznanski 32 days ago
Finally legislation stepping in to stop the safer at home nonsense
Safer at home is an order not a law folks
Kinda like murder being acceptable aka abortion
My body my choice
Open all businesses now
Kevin TomPoznanski 29 days ago
oh u mean the Safer at Home policy that has slowed the spread of the virus and saved lives? get a clue - and your analogy to abortion rights just shows your true colors -- by not social distancing and spreading the virus you put OTHER peoples "bodies" in jeopardy - do u have a right to infect others? by the time 100,000 people have died in the US will u understand what a pandemic is?
Kevin TomPoznanski 27 days ago
here is the ACTUAL state law written and passed BY THE STATE LEGISLATURE -- "the Health Dept may close schools and forbid public gatherings in schools, churches, and other places to control outbreaks and epidemics" and "The Dept may authorize and implement all emergency measures necessary to control communicable diseases." Sounds pretty clear cut to me. Soon the so-called conservative supreme court will re-write this law. Talk about judicial activism. Roggensack, Hagedorn, Bradley, and Ziegler are political hacks in the pocket of corporations and wealthy donors - NOT interpreters of the law.
GeQur 33 days ago
I just read that the Supreme Court in Washington will not be meeting to hear arguments on the Trump tax returns because of the Corona Virus. Why are our justices meeting to hear arguments on the "safe at home" in Wisconsin. We have a "stay at home" order, don't we?
James GeQur 32 days ago
Hello! Trump is under audit, duh.
GeQur 33 days ago
Again, the courts are second guessing our Governor at the request of the Republican majority. This time it is at the expense of the people in Wisconsin. Governor Evers is using science and current statistics to decide that we are better "safe at home" until conditions change. Yes, he has opened up a few businesses which means he is watching conditions very carefully. The Republicans in Madison have no evidence other than "political party pressure" to put this in the hands of the conservative court justices. This is a dreadful situation for the people of Wisconsin. Stop putting people in harms way to pursue corporate profits.
JonN 33 days ago
State Redumblicans should put in a few hours of work at Patrick Cudahy.. When they test positive like the other 85 employees working there, maybe they'll get a clue.. Idiots!
Kevin JonN 33 days ago
yes instead of protesting the people who want to get back to work should sign up to be replacement workers at meat packing n processing companies - good for the economy too !
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