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Wisconsin State Patrol warn of dangerous conditions that arise with every snowfall

NOW: Wisconsin State Patrol warn of dangerous conditions that arise with every snowfall


"I've seen a lot of accidents, and been to a lot of accidents today, It's real dangerous out," said Jay Sadorf.

Sadorf is a tow truck driver for MKE Junk Junkies

"Mainly I do junk cars, like pick up disabled vehicles or ones that don't run, but this time of year I do tows and pull-outs just because business booms," said Sadorf.

He has been busy all day, even though little snow has fallen.

"On total pull-outs and tows, I've probably done about 22. I lost count at 20," said Sadorf.

The Tuesday into Wednesday snowfall will only bring a couple inches, and even though drivers may have dealt with similar conditions already this season, they should still be extra careful.

"People tend to be more cautious with a large amount of snow that is falling," said Lt. Nathan Clarke, Wisconsin State Patrol.

The National Weather Service found in Milwaukee most crashes happened with two inches of snow or less. Since 2005 there were over 25,000 crashes when the snowfall is between a trace and two inches. That number is 400% more than the number of crashes reported when the snowfall is two to six inches.

After the 130-car-pileup in Neenah on Sunday, driver Olivia Reck is driving extra slow today.

"That actually really scared me," said Reck. She said news of the crash was a reminder to be extra cautious.

Lt. Nathan Clarke says the crash was a combination of factors.

"You've got the blowing, drifting snow. You've got the ice forming on interstate and with the reduced visibility you saw people were driving too fast for the conditions," said Lt. Clarke.

The person who died in the crash got out of his vehicle to assess the damage. The state patrol warns, it's safest to stay in your car until first responders arrive.

"That's going to be the safest spot because if you've lost control on the roadway there's a good chance vehicles coming behind you may lose control on the same section of slippery roads," said Lt. Clarke.

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