Wisconsin senators' reaction to conclusion of Mueller report

NOW: Wisconsin senators’ reaction to conclusion of Mueller report

(CBS 58) -- Special counsel Robert Mueller has finished his report on Russian election interference. He submitted it to Attorney General William Barr after a nearly 2-year probe.

Wisconsin's senators, along with the rest of congress has been informed Barr received the report. Right now Mueller's findings are unknown to the public and the legislature.

Washington has been awaiting this conclusion for weeks, and so has Wisconsin.

The most recent Marquette Law School poll found 31% believed the report would be fair and impartial, 26% said they had no confidence Mueller would be fair, 19% had some confidence, and 13% had a little confidence. These were more polarized than the results from June 2017.

Representatives for Senator Ron Johnson say since he hasn't seen the report, they have no comment. But Senator Johnson told the MacIver Institute Thursday the probe has been an "enormous political distraction" to the taxpayers.

"We want to make sure Mueller is permitted to carry this out and show the evidence and we'll base any actions on that on what he finds," said Senator Tammy Baldwin on November 11, 2018.

Senator Baldwin has been awaiting the conclusion of this report. In February, the senator said the investigation is one of the main reasons she didn't support the appointment of Attorney General William Barr since he didn't commit to making the report public.

She tweeted tonight in part, "it should be released publicly so the truth can be revealed to the American people."

Barr told congress he may be able to share the conclusions of the report as soon as the weekend. It's up to him to decide how much of the report is made public.

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