Wisconsin Seeing Smoke from Fort McMurray Wildfire

By now I am sure many of you have heard of and seen video of the Fort McMurray fire in Alberta, Canada. At this point the fire is estimated to cover an area half the size of Rhode Island and with a large fire comes lots of smoke and haze. If you think you've smelt a little smoke in the air or seen more haze than usually, you aren't wrong. The latest analysis of smoke form the Fort McMurray fire along with other fires burning in southern Alberta and northern Minnesota has the effects as far south as Kentucky. 

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Thanks to a northwest wind over the weekend, that haze and smoke has definitely made its way to southeastern Wisconsin. 

After a few dry days, our fire danger in Wisconsin is starting to increase as well. Right now, southeastern Wisconsin is under high fire danger according to Wisconsin DNR and most of the northern half of the state is under very high fire danger. 

A good helping of rain Monday into Tuesday and an easterly wind will ease our fire concerns and eliminate the haze from the sky, but if the Fort McMurray fire continues to burn at its current rate we could continue to see and feel the effects for weeks. 

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