Wisconsin Republican delegates proud of role, sad to miss convention

NOW: Wisconsin Republican delegates proud of role, sad to miss convention

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Most of the Wisconsin Republican delegation did not travel to Charlotte, North Carolina Aug. 24 to be in person at the Republican National Convention.

Delegates say regardless, they're still proud of being part of this moment in history.

They signed proxy documents giving the state's Republican Party Chair Andrew Hitt the ability to cast their votes.

They'll miss the cheering and the crowds, but they understand why they couldn't attend in person.

"It was really exciting, such a charged atmosphere," said alternate delegate Marry Patterson.

Patterson decided to go to Charlotte as soon as Cleveland's convention in 2016 ended. She said it was a gut punch to learn she couldn't go.

"On top of already being bummed and depressed about COVID, then to learn the convention in Jacksonville was being canceled," said Patterson.

It's a common feeling.

"It was really sad not to have you all here, we really, really wish you could all be here," said Wisconsin Republican Party Chair Andrew Hitt.

"Just the energy you get from being at the convention, you can't describe it," said delegate Erin Decker.

Decker said she was planning to take her husband and daughter as guests. Instead, she'll participate in the party's daily convention Zoom calls.

"Really excited about President Trump running for reelection, really excited about the job he's been doing," said Decker.

Being a delegate is a major personal achievement for Kathy Broghammer.

"Last convention I really wanted to be a delegate, but I didn't feel like my resume was ready for that," said Broghammer.

She further committed to her party, volunteered, and kept active. She said being chosen this time around is a crown jewel in her dedication to Republican politics.

"It's a very big honor and I feel honored every day that I am a delegate even though I'm not in Charlotte," said Broghammer.

The four officials who attended in person in Charlotte to deliver Wisconsin's votes and attend party business returned to Wisconsin Aug. 24.

The delegates will continue participating in daily Zoom calls through Thursday.

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