Wisconsin lawmakers introduce legislation to save the bees 🐝

NOW: Wisconsin lawmakers introduce legislation to save the bees 🐝

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Enjoy eating? Thank a pollinator!

Pollinators, such as bees, are vital to our ecosystem because they -- you guessed it -- pollinate plants! But their numbers have dramatically dropped in recent decades. 

Two Democratic state lawmakers, Representative Lee Snodgrass and Senator Melissa Agard, introduced new legislation Thursday, June 24, to combat the issue. 

The "Save the Bees with the Pollinator Protection Package" would prohibit certain insecticides by state agencies, and allows local governments to limit or prohibit the usage of certain insecticides. 

"Pollinators play a crucial role in Wisconsin's ecosystem and are absolutely vital in the agriculture and economic future of Wisconsin. Whether you're a farmer, a gardener, someone who enjoys Wisconsin's fresh produce, or simply likes to eat. Like me, we are all directly impacted by pollinators," said State Sen. Agard. 

It would also require the proper labeling of plants that had received insecticide treatments at greenhouses or plant shops. 

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