Wisconsin lawmakers among thousands flagged to be purged from voter rolls

NOW: Wisconsin lawmakers among thousands flagged to be purged from voter rolls

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- The state just released the list of more than 230,000 state voters who are at risk of being removed from the voter rolls. 

That list contains multiple state lawmakers and a Milwaukee County supervisor. 

We already knew that the system used to take people off voter rolls has its flaws, and now that the state has released this list, we know some of the people impacted were actually voted into office.

State Representative David Crowley says the state sent him a letter in the mail that he might have to re-register to vote. But even though he changed his address at the post office, the letter went to his old one. 

"Not even six months later after moving, and so the fact that I was on the list to be purged from the voter rolls is mind-boggling," Rep. Crowley said. "I don't think this is right."

Milwaukee County Supervisor Sequanna Taylor moved this year and learned from a news reporter she was on the purge list. 

"I felt upset not just for me, but for the thousands, or hundred thousands of other people who have not received a call because they weren't elected and may have not received a letter," she said.

Milwaukee Elections Commission Director Neil Albrecht says one in ten Milwaukee voters are on the list, and some of them haven't actually moved. 

"People who maybe registered a vehicle in another city...the DMV might identify them as having moved," Albrecht said. "Also snow birders, who put a forward on their mail might be flagged by the post office."

You can check your voting status at Myvote.Wi.gov

Wisconsin does allow same-day registration, but Albrecht says that's not an option for everyone. 

"They don't have a bank statement with them or a utility bill with them, or something that would help them meet the proof of residence requirement, they're probably not going to be able to vote in the election."

Nobody has been purged from the registration list yet, as the case stays in the court system. 

The primary for Milwaukee mayor is Feb. 18.

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