Wisconsin lawmakers' 2nd attempt to allow DACA recipients path to police and sheriff jobs

NOW: Wisconsin lawmakers’ 2nd attempt to allow DACA recipients path to police and sheriff jobs

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A bipartisan group of state lawmakers have reintroduced legislation that would allow DACA recipients to become officers and sheriff's deputies, a motion to help address recruiting issues and job opportunities.

Currently in Wisconsin, DACA recipients are allowed to serve in the Wisconsin National Guard as state troopers, game wardens and corrections officers.

Representative Sylvia Ortiz-Velez said it only makes sense to extend the opportunity to serve as police officers while also helping with police shortages.

"If we're able to trust DACA recipients to protect our nation, we should definitely trust them to protect our streets," said Ortiz- Velez.

DACA, short for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, provides protection for some immigrants who arrived in the U.S without legal status before turning 16.

Some DACA recipients from Wisconsin, like Alondra Garcia, believe this kind of policy will only divide the undocumented and partially documented communities.

"It will just divide our community even more. Being undocumented and then becoming a DACA recipient, I've been able to see the effects of like just simply having some sort of temporary residency," said Garcia.

Garcia believes this is just a ploy to distract from the real issue of making it easier for DACA recipients to become citizens.

"They don't want us to receive the pathway towards citizenship, they're trying to diverge from that, and this is their way of doing that," Garcia.

Ortiz-Velez said she's hopeful the bill will pass this time around because she's seen more bipartisan backing. The House committee will be voting on the policy next week.

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