Wisconsin leaders to address gun control

NOW: Wisconsin leaders to address gun control

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) – The mass shooting in Las Vegas has again stirred a debate about gun rights in the country.

House Republicans say a bill to ease regulations on gun silencers would be shelved indefinitely, but House Democrats say that’s not enough, so on Wednesday they’ll gather on the Capitol steps to honor the victims of the victims of the Las Vegas attack and demand legislation to prevent gun violence.

Democrats in Wisconsin calingl for similar legislation Wednesday in Madison.

They want the attention of state and national politicians to address what they’re calling a gun violence epidemic across the country. Most recently, a state senate committee approved a bill to allow gun owners to conceal and carry without a permit. That proposal will now go to the senate for a vote.

"It's quite frankly time for policy makers to stand up and say this is not okay," said Democratic State Rep. Melissa Sargent of Madison. "This new normal cannot continue. We're going to roll up our sleeves and fight tirelessly for the people in our communities to have the safety and the security that they all deserve to have."

Milwaukee area gun rights advocate Nik Clark says all this talk about legislative action is pointless since we don't the Las Vegas shooter's motive.

"To use this as an opportunity to call for gun control or to expand gun rights I think it's inapproriate," Clark tells CBS 58. "It's unfortunate that every time one of these situations happens. The political leverage is taken immediately before we understand what happens."

Clark says since the suspect was a license pilot, he could have easily used a plane or his car to attack the crowd that had gathered for a country music festival.

He argues that no legislation can prevent those who are intent on evil.

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