Wisconsin Democrats, DNC officials kick off 'Build Back Better' tour ahead of 2022 midterm elections

NOW: Wisconsin Democrats, DNC officials kick off ’Build Back Better’ tour ahead of 2022 midterm elections

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Top Democrats in Wisconsin teamed up with the Democratic National Committee to launch a 'Build Back Better' bus tour as the party seeks to pump up their base ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Ben Wikler, Gov. Tony Evers, DNC Secretary Jason Rae and others held the bus tour event in Madison aimed at highlighting the party's main themes for the 2022 election cycle.

Democrats touted job creation, lowering health care costs, COVID-19 federal relief aid and tax cuts for middle class families.

"We have helped millions of families breathe a little easier, knowing that they can keep food on the table, pay their mortgage, provide for their children and have the resources they need to succeed," said Wikler.

Middle income earners would see a decrease in taxes if President Joe Biden's tax plan passes. It comes as Democrats in Congress are hoping to get across the finish line a $3.5 trillion proposal to expand the social safety net without support from Republicans, who oppose tax increases that would help pay for it.

Governor Evers also crisscrossed the state Monday, Aug. 30, talking about how President Biden's American Rescue Plan gave him the ability to distribute millions in federal relief aid to families and industries impacted by COVID-19.

"This is what's best, giving the resources to families to put food on the table, to buy school supplies, pay rent, whatever," said Evers. "It's for our small businesses, our farmers, our tourism industry."

Democrats' bus tour comes as both parties begin a messaging war a year out from Wisconsin's 2022 August primaries.

Paris Dennard, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, said their party's key issues will be inflation, crime and illegal immigration.

Dennard slammed Democrats for their event, saying they should be ashamed for taking a victory lap and should instead focus on the crisis in Afghanistan.

"There's nothing they should be celebrating, nothing they should be happy about as people still mourn 13 soldiers," said Dennard. "It's a shame they are going around touting a Build Back Better tour when they should pause, reflect on the disaster going on in Afghanistan and the disasters happening in Wisconsin because of failed leadership."

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