Wisconsin College Town Considering Banning "All You Can Drink" Specials at Bars

A Wisconsin College Town is considering banning "All you can drink" specials at bars.

A city council member in La Crosse came up with the proposal. It would ban bars from running unlimited drink specials for a fixed price, selling three or more drinks for the price of one, and any contests involving alcohol. Health experts say it's a good way to cut down on binge-drinking, but some bar owners disagree.

"Large quantities of alcohol being offered at a low price or being offered at a set price is generally where we see more binge drinking occurring," said Catherine Kolkmeier, Director of Medical Health Science Consortium.

"I think most of these college kids are drinking at home that's why, before they go downtown," said Peter Mohm, a LaCrosse bar owner. 

Health experts say they've seen a  decline in binge drinking among young people but an increase among adult drinkers. The La Crosse city council will vote on the proposal in the next two months. 

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