Wisconsin Center COVID-19 vaccination site to close May 28

NOW: Wisconsin Center COVID-19 vaccination site to close May 28

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The walk-in COVID-19 vaccination site located at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee will close on May 28, according to a spokesperson for the Milwaukee Health Department

The site has the capacity to vaccinate 4,000 people a day, but the health department has said they have been vaccinating about 2,000 per day. 

The Biden administration selected the Wisconsin Center to serve as a federal pilot community vaccination clinic. It's been managed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) since April 6. 

FEMA funding is set to end, the Milwaukee Health Department spokesperson said. Milwaukee will run Northwest and Southside Health Centers for more vaccination options.

"This is primarily being driven by the decreased demand for vaccine, but also this is a full another month, and we’re losing our federal resources and we do feel we’ll be able to handle the volume at our -- on the north and south side," said Commissioner Kirsten Johnson. 

City health officials say they hope to continue mobile vaccination sites. 

In a statement, a FEMA spokesperson said:

“When the federal pilot Community Vaccination Center (CVC) was established at the Wisconsin Center, FEMA committed to provide federal support and vaccine allocations for eight weeks, providing up to 3,000 shots per day, with a focus on equity in vaccine administration by reaching socially vulnerable, underrepresented populations. As federal operations continue at the Wisconsin Center, with an expected site completion at the end of May, FEMA is working with our state and local partners to determine what federal resources may be needed to continue supporting the state’s vaccine distribution plans.
The federal pilot CVCs are just one part of the overall support FEMA provides to states and jurisdictions. After the eight weeks of vaccine allocations is completed, FEMA and its federal partners can still provide support to our state partners with funding and personnel. FEMA works with each state, tribe, and territory to identify their COVID-19-related resource needs and provide tailored resources to support their vaccination efforts.”
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