Wisconsin braces for large snowstorm

Wisconsin is preparing for the biggest snowfall of the year. In Muskego, say the word \"snow\" to Bryon Hrin and you'll see his face light up. 

Hrin says, \"It's only been a couple, a few times, we've been out plowing. We need this. It's definitely important to me.\"

He owns plow company, AAA Asphalt, and says this year has been a slow year for snowfall. He plows everywhere from the south-side of Milwaukee to Menomonee Falls. He says he's expecting a late night.

\"It's a long night you've gotta always anticipate what's going on. You have to watch the weather constantly and know when to get the guys in. You have to watch the weather constantly\"

State and county plows are also gearing up. The City of Milwaukee reports they'll be sending 106 salt trucks to the road. By Sunday it could add 60 more by adding plow blades to some of their garbage trucks.

Area residents are doing some preps of their own, by stocking up at area grocery stores. Joseph Torosin's cart shows he's well prepared.

Torosin says, \"We just moved from Michigan a couple of months ago. Last year we got hit pretty bad so we'll be alright.\" 

The DOT says expect longer travel times, and stay 200 feet away from plows. 

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