Winter Allergy Solutions

When it gets cold and you crank the furnace, that can kick up dust, mold and inspect parts into the air. When those particles get into your noise that will most likely trigger a reaction.

"What we do see with weather like this is making chronic sinusitis worse," explained Dr. Gary Steven from the Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center. "People who are allergic to indoor allergens from dust mites to pets to mold that's growing on trees. Inflammation of sinuses, especially with the  huge swings in temperature and fluctuations in barometric pressure inflames the sinuses."

The doctor says while you can control your exposure, you can't stop it completely.

He says there's no reason to delay a visit to the doctor to see if you need something more than an over the counter drug to feel better.

 "If you're getting so stuffy you have to breath through your mouth at night, that causes tooth and gum disease when you dry up saliva."

He also says any breathing problems, like labored breaths from asthma,  require immediate professional attention.

He also says it's always a good time to inquire about getting allergy shots.

"If I had $10 for every patient who told me I should have done this years ago, I'd be in the Caribbean," said Dr. Steven.

It's quite possible your doctor will refer you to an allergist.

The allergist could  do a skin test that involves scratching your skin with a small amount  of an allergen or injecting it just under your skin.

You know your allergic if the area becomes red and starts itching.

There's also a blood test to diagnose some allergies.

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