Where can you buy N95 masks if you can't get any for free?

NOW: Where can you buy N95 masks if you can’t get any for free?

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With the demand for N95 masks also comes scarcity.

Some viewers tell CBS 58 News they had trouble getting ahold of an N95 at library giveaways in Milwaukee Monday, Jan. 10.

Others who don't live in Milwaukee were also wondering how to get ahold of one.

There are still a number of ways to get your hands on N95-rated masks on short notice.

"We've had a lot of people come in today asking for the free N95 masks, they're confusing it with the promotion being run by the city of Milwaukee right now," said Tamir Kaloti, Hayat Pharmacy president.

He said while they aren't part of the giveaway, they do carry the masks.

According to Kaloti, unlike at the start of the pandemic, getting the N95 masks is a lot less hard right now.

"They're relatively easy to find for us, the N95 masks, we're selling them for a good price of a dollar each, just so it's affordable for patients," said Kaloti.

Dr. Ben Weston, chief health policy advisor for Milwaukee County, said it isn't too much of a challenge to get your hands on one.

"They're relatively cheap, they're relatively easy to get," said Dr. Weston.

On Monday, CBS 58 spent some time looking for N95 masks that could be bought if you can't get one for free in Milwaukee.

Department stores and pharmacies like Walgreens didn't have any in store or online, but the places that really had them in spades were hardware stores like Ace Hardware.

"This is something to take seriously, this is something to be cautious about, this is something to put as many layers around yourself as possible, and if you can get one, if you can go to the Milwaukee Health Department testing site and pick one up, if you can buy one yourself, get yourself one of these masks, get yourself more protected," said Dr. Weston.

If you're ordering from Amazon, prices start at around $20 a box, and shipping times seem to show anywhere between three days to a couple of weeks.

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