West Allis church threatened over proposed pony painting activity for Easter

NOW: West Allis church threatened over proposed pony painting activity for Easter

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A proposed Easter celebration has some people angry with a West Allis church.

The church wanted to bring in a pony and have children paint it. 

The original post from the church went up on Facebook saying, "Join us this easter to paint a pony. Painting ponies is a thing now. By the way, ponies love to be painted."

The church says its received threats about the post showing a pony being painted by children. 

"If this was a dog, we had a dog tied up and painted the dog, I feel like people would be outraged. Feel like we should feel the same about any animal," said Animal Rights Activist Erin Weaver.

"I don't think it's typical Easter fun, no," said one community member.

A local animal hospital chimed in with how harmful an activity like that would be to a horse.

"The biggest concern is going to be about toxins in the paint getting absorbed through the skin or as it chips or flakes off, ingested. We certainly don't want that happening," said Dr. Andrew Linklater with Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists. 

There are safe paints that doctors use on animals for medical purposes. It's unclear what type of paint the church was planning on using but the Pastor heard the concerns on social media and listened. 

The church sent us the following statement and a video message on the incident:

We regret to announce that due to the unstable, hostile and potentially violent threats received, and always in putting the safety and well-being of our horses first...We have no choice but to cancel the interactive equine event.

The rest of the planned Easter event with music, food, and crafts will go on as scheduled. 

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