"We're going to retake that area:" City leaders announce plan to improve safety at Swing Park

NOW: “We’re going to retake that area:“ City leaders announce plan to improve safety at Swing Park

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Earlier in August, two men were shot and killed at the Swing Park. Now, police say the men were shot on a pedestrian bridge near the park.

City leaders now have a plan in place to improve safety. One of the biggest problems that residents have with the Swing Park is that people come to hang out after hours. Officials plan to change that.

Milwaukee residents filled an east side restaurant on Wednesday to voice their concerns about safety at the Swing Park.

"This is to learn from you as to what we should do about the park," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.

Many say that the issues start at night.

"The people that are coming after dark are not coming to swing," one resident said.

Earlier in Augist, an argument escalated on the pedestrian bridge next to the park. It happened at night. A 17-year-old and a 22-year-old were shot and killed. They collapsed in the Swing Park. 

"I'm glad to see so many people here caring about the park. It's sad to see it came from a tragedy," said Ald. Nic Kovac.

Kovac says they plan to add more lights, step up patrols, and add more real-time cameras. Police say they've increased patrols since the shooting.

"Almost everyone I talk to, myself included, are very concerned about not seeing a repeat of that here," said Kovac.

Community members believe adding lights, murals, and cleaning it up will help.

Officials say they're committed to fixing the park.

"We're going to retake that area. We're going to activate it with art work and additional lighting, whatever it takes," said 

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