Week 7 Preview: Brookfield Central

Week 7 Preview: Brookfield Central

BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) – The CBS 58 Tailgate has one of the best local battles of the year this Friday: the battle of Brookfield.

On Wednesday we visited Brookfield Central where the undefeated Lancers are getting ready to face undefeated Brookfield Eat.

They’re not just rivals; East knocked Central out of the playoffs last year.

“Two schools in one city, those high schools are two miles apart. I think when you throw on top of that the recent success that both programs have had the last couple of years, we've had great games together. Both programs being top five teams in the state, no reason this game won't be any different,” says Head Coach Jed Kennedy.

“They’ve ended my season two years in a row now, so I mean honestly it brings up the intensity a lot because it hurts to end the season with all your buddies,” says LB Nick Leszczynski.

“We’ve had pretty good games in the past, we're just trying to get the best team possible and this is a big game,” says QB Drew Leszczynski.

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