We trade scary, stormy skies for sunnier ones

NOW: We trade scary, stormy skies for sunnier ones

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--All the intense heat, humidity, and storms have left the building, at least for now.  Now high pressure will dry us out and give us better weather in terms of more seasonable conditions.  Wow, were we baking the last few days.  We had 93 degree highs both Friday and Saturday before storms and a cold front help cool things down.  That humidity, by the way, made it feel like 110 degrees at times if not warmer. Actually, it felt like 114 on Saturday at the Kenosha Airport. Again, that's all a thing of the past.  

Looking ahead, we could see a few showers and thunder showers as we advance into early Sunday morning.  But the trend should be much better weather as soon as Sunday afternoon. Highs mainly in the 70s.

This coming week looks fairly quiet too.  Lots of 80s.  The storm chances could build again by next weekend.

By the way, we received so many great storm photos on Saturday.  The picture you're seeing attached to this story is Cindy Yoeckel from the town of Herman.  It shows scary looking mammatus clouds indicating a lot of turbulence in the atmosphere. We welcome more.  You can email them at [email protected] or send them via our free weather mobile app.  By the way, the app has been updated and upgraded.  But you might have to update the app on your phone too.  Check it out!  It really comes in handy on a day like we had today.

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