We Energies starts program to pay for, install and maintain solar panels on private and public property

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We Energies has started a new program called Solar Now which will pay customers to host solar panels on their roofs and property. 

The program is expected to create 35 megawatts of clean energy, the equivalent of taking 30,000 cars off the road according to We Energies. It is the largest solar energy project in the state.

We Energies will pay commercial, industrial, government and nonprofit customers to host solar panels on their roofs and property. They will handle all installation, maintenance and operation of the solar equipment.

The program is aimed at large commercial and government host customers.

Solar Now is a pilot program that caps participation at 35 MW, with 10 MW reserved for nonprofit and government entities. A number of customers, including local governments and school districts, have already expressed strong interest in the program.

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