We Energies announces official names of 8 peregrine falcon chicks born at power plants

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The eight peregrine falcon chicks born at three We Energies power plants have officially been named.

Thousands of people weighed in and cast their votes to name the baby birds after their favorite things about Wisconsin.

The Oak Creek Power Plant chicks are (from left to right in above photo) Scoop, Cream Puff and Bubbler.

Milwaukee's Valley Power Plant chicks have been named Brandy, Blaze and Hoppy (from left to right, below).

Rothschild's Weston Power Plant chicks are named Kringle and Tundra.

All but one of the chicks have already been banded to allow for identification in the wild.

We Energies says there are just a few weeks left to watch the chicks in their nest boxes before they fly away later this month. 

Tune into their live nest box cameras here before they say goodbye.

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