'We are in the depths of winter cold': Mayor Barrett urging people to limit their time outdoors

NOW: ’We are in the depths of winter cold’: Mayor Barrett urging people to limit their time outdoors

MILWAUKEE (CBS58)--The message is real and clear. Mayor Tom Barrett is stressing the need for people to take precautions.

“One thing is for certain, we are in the depths of winter cold."

Barretts says people should wear warm clothing and cover all exposed skin. Keep a survival kit with high energy food and extra clothes.

It's also important to keep gas in your car.

“We don’t want anyone running out of gas and we know the gas can be used up more quickly and it’s not good when that gas tank is low in weather like this week," Barrett said.

The city and other organizations are working together to provide shelter to those in need. They're using downtown agencies and hotels for a safe haven.

“These hotels have helped us mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among this very vulnerable population. In a case that an individual is COVID positive or systematic, we’re using Clare Hall.” 

With extreme weather weather comes a slew of water main breaks.

“Rest assured we are prepared to respond, if you see a leak in the street or water surfacing please immediately contact our 24 hour control center. Karen, Dettmer, Superintendent of Water Works, Milwaukee 6:24

There are a few steps you can take to protect your pipes.

“Always Keeping inside temperatures about 32 degrees, wrapping pipes with installation or heat tape or allow a trickle of water to run from the faucet to keep water moving and prevent freezing," Barrett said.

If you see someone sleeping outside or in a car.

Barrett says please call 2-1-1. Someone will be sent out to check on that person.

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