Ways local couples can save on costs of planning their own "Royal Wedding"

NOW: Ways local couples can save on costs of planning their own “Royal Wedding“

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Wedding season is heating up, and a local wedding coordinator says more couples are using celebrities as inspiration.

“Especially when it comes to décor, dresses, accessories,” said Tasha Motto, lead coordinator at Vital Image. “Royal weddings are absolutely still something being talked about.”

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is one month away. While an event that grandeur is likely out of budget for most people, Motto says her clients are still trying to imitate it in more affordable ways. She says one of her clients is planning a winter wedding and using Kate Middleton for “dress inspo.”

“She loved the style Princess Kate wore with the lace and the elegance, off the shoulders.”

Whether it’s the Royals or the Kardashians, people are using blogs and social media feeds to imitate what celebrities are doing. Motto says, the over-sharing of photos can be helpful, but it can also create a sense of competition, ultimately hurting your wallet.

“They can get out of control very fast. That’s what can get couples into financial issues, but it doesn’t have to be.”

Motto’s first piece of advice to save money - don’t over-obsess with “beating” your friends. Figure out what’s important and be ready to compromise.

“That gives you a really great starting point of where that budget is going to go.”

Another tip that may surprise people - hire someone to help.

“Best advice I can give," says Motto, "is hire a wedding planner. A lot of people see that as an unnecessary expense, but they don’t see the other side of it. A wedding planner isn’t there to just give you ideas and do the research. They are also your price negotiators.”

She says vendors are often more likely to give a wedding planner a discount because they are repeat customers.

“Wedding planning, we always say, basically pays for itself with all of those discounts we’re getting for you.”

If you’re on a tight budget, Motto says the venue is another place to save. Look for all-inclusive options. Rental items, like tables, linens and décor, are often the most surprising cost to couples. Also, avoid “trendy” venues. When demand goes up, so does the price.

A new way couples are saving money is after-dinner invites. Keep the reception intimate, but invite more people for drinks and dancing later in the night.

Finally, look to social media marketplaces for slightly used wedding items. One of Motto’s favorites is Old, New Borrowed and Blue on Facebook.

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