Wauwatosa leaders talk future after nights of protests, Cole family lawyer responds

NOW: Wauwatosa leaders talk future after nights of protests, Cole family lawyer responds

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Wauwatosa leaders shared what’s next for the city, after nights of protests against the latest decision in the Joseph Mensah case.

Afterward, CBS 58 talked with the attorney of Alvin Cole's family for her perspective.

The response of law enforcement to some protesters last week adds to Kimberley Motley’s growing concerns.

“We’re concerned about the reports of people being arrested, we’re concerned about people being beaten by the police this past weekend. We’re concerned about people’s phones being taken away," Motley said.

She also explained that several protesters claimed they were arrested over the weekend and then dropped off in random places by police after being released.

“They are supposed to be leaders in our community to represent law and order but they did the opposite of that," she added.

Chief Barry Weber denied the claims.

“Nobody was dropped off in undisclosed locations," he said. "Oftentimes when somebody is released, when they don't have transportation they'll ask us to take them some place and usually as a courtesy we convey them to a place of their choosing."

He also cited spacing as to why arrested protesters claim they were taken to other area police departments, and some say they were questioned for hours.

"Due to the number of people taken into custody, we don't have enough room to put everybody in one space," he said. “When you say they were questioned for several hours that might have just been to go to the booking process but they were released as quickly as possible.”

A separate investigator called for Mensah to be fired.

But Mayor Dennis McBride and Chief Weber say that decision rests with the Police and Fire Commission – which is set to meet later this month.

“No one really wins," Motley said. "But something can be done about this right now, today, and the mayor of Wauwatosa and Chief Weber, they continue to refuse to do anything and as a result, everyone is suffering," Motley said.

She added that Alvin’s Cole’s mother, Tracy, is still recovering from injuries after being arrested while protesting.

She said Cole has not heard from the mayor or police chief.

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