Wauwatosa businesses brace for construction on North Avenue

WAUWATOSA -- Businesses in Wauwatosa are bracing for construction along busy North Avenue, but  nobody is really complaining because of the anticipated payoff once the work is done.

After years of swaying back and forth between left hand turn lanes, drivers in the area will soon get a much smoother traffic flow.

The project includes moving some utilities, adding bike lanes, and the removal of the swaying or the cicane effect while driving.

The work will focus on the section of North Avenue from 60th to Wauwatosa Avenue.

Alderman Joel Tilleson was a leader on this project - and thinks although there will be some headaches - this will help attract people to Wauwatosa.


\"People are very positive,\" Tilleson said.  \"They're happy to see the removal of the left turn lanes and the cicanes. They're happy to see the addition of the bike lanes. I think people are going to grant us the patience we hope they do and see this project through.\"

Dondrall King-Wilks, who just opened a new accessories shop on North Avenue, is excited about the project. \"What they are trying to achieve is a better flow on north avenue... so I will benefit from it later,\" said King-Wilks.


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