Waukesha West Bypass Delayed for One Year

The Waukesha County Bypass project team announced plans Friday to delay the construction of the Waukesha West Bypass by one year. The complicated and lengthy federal permitting process will not be completed in sufficient time for the 2016 construction season. The team, consisting of State, County and City staff, has worked with local, state and federal agencies throughout the study and design of the project, and has applied for permits from the Federal Agencies for the planned construction.

The new project schedule will include the construction of the Waukesha West Bypass from I-94 to State Highway 18 (Summit Avenue) in 2017 and the construction from State Highway 18 (Summit Avenue) to State Highway 59 in the summer of 2018.

Waukesha County, the City of Waukesha and the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation are strongly committed to constructing the Waukesha West Bypass between Interstate 94 and State Highway 59 on the west side of the City of Waukesha. The planned improvements will address growing local and regional traffic volumes, and enhance traffic flow and safety. The project’s Environmental Study has been approved and the highway design is in the final stages. Waukesha County has begun acquiring lands for the construction of the project.

The Waukesha West Bypass project is still moving forward and the project team will continue with the development of the project and federal permitting process. Real estate acquisition will continue in anticipation of the revised construction schedule. We are coordinating work with the affected utilities along the project corridor, and hope that they will be able to start their relocation work ahead of the highway construction in the summer of 2017.

Current project information can be found at project website: http://waukeshabypass.org

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