Waukesha Water Plan Appeal Hearing

The Great Lakes Compact Council met in Chicago about the plan to divert water from Lake Michigan to the City of Waukesha.

Last year, the council gave Waukesha the green light. Almost immediately some cities cried foul.  

Monday, a lawyer representing Racine and 127 other cities argued its case. Waukesha reps had a chance to do the same.

Waukesha's whole plan is based around the argument Lake Michigan water is the only reasonable source of clean and safe drinking water.

The compact council agreed with Waukesha last year, but opponents, including Racine Mayor John Dickert, say that's not true. "There were other options with Milwaukee and there were options with their sole source where they're at right now," says Mayor John Dickert.

The council will wait until next month to decide whether the opposing cities have viable claim and whether to take another look at the Waukesha water plan.

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