Waukesha Sheriff's Department Discusses Pat Down of Washington Post Reporter at Pence Rally

On Wednesday, July 27, the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department was requested by the Secret Service to assist with a security detail at the Waukesha County Expo for a rally for Vice President candidate Mike Pence.

According to a release and press conference from the Sheriff's Department, Secret Service conducted a security sweep of the area designated for the media per their standard security protocol. A reporter from the Washington Post was not present for the previously scheduled sweep. The reporter attempted to enter the media area after the security sweep was conducted and was denied access by event staff. 

Event staff informed the reporter that he could place his electronic equipment in his vehicle and enter the facility through general admission. 

A short time later the reporter came in through the general admission door and he was stopped by event staff. Due to security concerns, the event staff requested that the reporter be patted down to ensure that prohibited electronic equipment was not being brought into the facility. At this time, the event staff asked two Sheriff’s Deputies who were assigned to a security post nearby to pat down the reporter. Upon receiving this request, one of the deputies asked the reporter for his permission to pat him down. The reporter consented to the pat down by a deputy and nothing was located. The reporter was allowed into the facility by event staff. No member of the Waukesha Sheriff's Department had any further contact with the reporter.

Several minutes later, event staff walked the reporter out of the facility and advised the deputies that he was not allowed back for reasons unknown to the Sheriff’s Department.

The Washington Post has claimed that the reporter was treated unfairly by local law enforcement.

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