Waukesha Police trying to find owner of urn

On Friday, July 14 someone dropped of human remains in a sealed urn to the Waukesha Police Department. A note inside the urn said that the man had died in 2011. The person who dropped it off said they found the box near the intersection of Randall and Chicago. 

After doing some digging and calling potential family members across the country the officer determined that the remains should have been in the possession of someone in Waukesha.

Contact with the man was unsuccessful so the urn was transported to the Waukesha County Medical Examiner's Office for safe keeping until the owner could be reached.

Police have since determined that the man who owns the urn is homeless and was staying at one of the shelter's in Waukesha when the urn must have fallen out of his belongings as he was walk. Someone has made contact with the man who knows how to get his belongings back.

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