Waukesha Police Deliver Baby During Snowstorm

Waukesha Police delivered a baby during a snowstorm last month.

Emergency dispatchers greeted the mother and father of a young boy born during a snowstorm last month.

Christina Makal McCaffery is meeting Amanda Huenik for the first time.

Just over two weeks ago Huenik, a 911 operator, was on the line as Makal McCaffery gave birth to her son, jack.

Makal McCaffery was scheduled to be induced later that day, but went into labor just hours before in the middle of a snowstorm.

Makal McCaffery 'a husband Jason called 911.

Huenik talked him through the delivery.

"Uh, I really just want to thank the dispatchers. Without her help, keeping me calm. I don't know. it would've been an adventure trying to get through it by myself,” said Jason McCaffery, father.

Amanda Huenik has only been on the job as a dispatcher for three months.

She said she's grateful she was able to help deliver a happy, healthy baby.


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