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Waukesha police called after Menards customer gets angry over mask policy

NOW: Waukesha police called after Menards customer gets angry over mask policy


WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It’s a scenario that’s played out before, a customer upset over a store’s COVID-19 mask policy.

That situation happened Thursday at the Menards on Bluemound Rd. in Waukesha.

Police say a man “barged through security after being told he could not enter” without a facial covering.

Eventually, 9-1-1 was called and the man left without incident.

In this case, at a privately owned store, officers leaned on store rules.

“We are not in the business of enforcing courtesies, or regulations, from private industry," Waukesha Police Department Capt. Dan Baumann said.

However, Baumann explained there are cases where customers can be cited, or even charged.

“If there’s a criminal act, especially a criminal act of violence, because someone’s that upset that they chose to be disorderly, we will, in fact, arrest somebody," he said.

Menards told CBS 58 it is not forcing anyone to wear masks, but it is “reserving the right to refuse service” to those who don’t.

There are signs at the front entrance, and sometimes a greeter, to alert people on their policy.

In a statement, they wrote: "“We are embracing this simple common sense precaution to protect our customers and our front line team so we can all go home safely to our families at night. Surface contamination is a huge spreader of the virus. This is following the CDC’s recommendation. Since we have no way of knowing who has the virus and who does not, while hoping for the best, we have to assume the worst, that being that everyone may potentially be infected, and act accordingly.”

Costco is another local store requiring face coverings. Those details are on the store’s website.

“Some businesses allow certain things to happen and I would strongly suggest people to frequent those establishments in which are aligned with their views," Baumann said.

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Jayoak 13 days ago
Mask on, Mask off, now the Surgeon General of the United States is advising against wearing masks. Hell, I'm just going to stay home, smoke cigars and drink bourbon.
PhilipSchwigel 14 days ago
Stores set the policies. If a customer has an issue with those policies & chooses to not follow them, they will be asked to leave. I agree that it shouldn't be the Police left to enforce store policies, that is 100 % management responsibility. That is up to the manager, but if the decision is made not to serve the customer, & the customer becomes uncontrollably angered, such as in this case, the Police should be notified & asked to please escort the unruly customer off the property, & the customer should be asked not to return unless he/she can control his her anger. I felt there is no story here since the angered customer left, hence the issue was never really an issue. Now if media just wants to continue looking for these angered customers, they should try hanging out at Walmart. I don't care what you do there, people are always pissed off & fighting over shit.
thomas 14 days ago
Good for menards and Costco. The only way to move forward is to assume everyone maybe carrying the virus. I certainly do not want infect anyone. It’s not a big deal to wear a mask. Health care has to do it all day long
Debra 15 days ago
My daughter and I went there yesterday....we were refused entrance by a suit unless we bought masks for $1 each.....went across the street to Home Depot where no masks were required and only employees wearing them!! Nice everyone is on the same page with their shit together!!!
Kevin Debra 15 days ago
1st - u could have brought your own and avoided buying one, 2nd - sounds like they may be trying to protect their workers more than Home Depot as the mask is more for other people's protection ... i guess as a customer if its important to u then go to Home Depot but as a worker or employee I'd feel a lil better working at the Menards where they have such a policy
Kevin 15 days ago
Now u right-wing wackos dont like the policies of the businesses you demanded be open. Dont shop there!
DyanPasono 15 days ago
Thank you Menards for caring about the health, safety and welfare of your workers and clients. Whereas I may have had issues with your return policy, this health protection procedure renews my faith in your corporation. Too many people are confusing privilege with freedom and rights. A person's rights end when it impacts negatively on others. Thank you again Menards.
sjones123 15 days ago
menards is a crook! at the highest piont of this pandemic they let people in the beginning not caring if people got sick or was sick. for months they allowed people to come and go. but now when everything is starting to open back up. they want to figure out a way to make money out of this situation by charging people for mask if you don't have one. they didn't care about protecting people in the beginning they just wanted your money so they wouldn't tank or go out of business, but now they want to charge extra for mask. they are creed!
Alex 15 days ago
I feel that this country isn't America no more we're losing our freedom. What's really sad America is becoming more like China. I guess China has won
Kevin Alex 15 days ago
won?? what?? its a virus ... its biomedical its nature its science - new viruses come along and they will continue to do so -- make it some international political blame game if it makes u feel better but not sure what u r talking about
PhilipSchwigel Kevin 15 days ago
Kevin these irresponsible frick-in clowns who are refusing to wear masks should not be allowed out in public. I guess the death toll from the Cova-19 Corona Virus just don't add up to them. They don't care enough about themselves to self protect, why would they care about others. They should be picked up off the streets when found with-out a face mask, processed into a coral (with others just like them) so they can be tested for the Cova-19 Corona Virus & detained in jail until the test results become available. When those results are available if it is a "Positive" They should be charged with a felony. If it is "Negative", they should be charged with failing to wear personal protection during the Cova-19 Corona Virus Pandemic & should be fined appropriately.
Kevin PhilipSchwigel 14 days ago
I agree people should be responsible and take precautions - not sure about the rounding them up part. Not sure what that has to do with China, which is referenced in my comment to Alex.
Jayoak PhilipSchwigel 13 days ago
Ya, round em up and just like the President of the Philippines stated, "They should be shot dead" Ya. The new Amerika Way,
Chuck 16 days ago
If a store can have a rule "no shirt, no shoes, no service", they can add "no mask". Period.
Repton1 16 days ago
I am avoiding Menards for this reason , they were really offensive a few weeks ago when they started this , I am not a dog , I do not like to be shouted at.I can go elsewhere.
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Alex Ruth 15 days ago
You're exactly right more like Bill Gates agenda to
Kevin Bluzguitar 14 days ago
all the more reason to keep businesses closed for a little longer until the number of new cases abates wouldnt it be?
Kevin Ruth 14 days ago
what agenda would that be Ruth please tell us your conspiracy theory? we need a good laugh with the uptick in cases
Kevin Chuck 11 days ago
Ruth - your information on the masks has been debunked ... a Facebook post claiming cloth masks provide no protection has been proven to be false and misleading. "Protection from cloth masks isnt 0 and its definitely not 100 but it can be a tool to make it harder for someone who has the virus to spread it" Several of studies have shown a cloth mask could hinder 60-70% of the exposure to the virus. Stop lying you have the credibility of our ridiculous president.
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