Waukesha planetarium hosts viewing party of James Webb telescope's first images

NOW: Waukesha planetarium hosts viewing party of James Webb telescope’s first images

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- People of all ages got a first look at more of what's out there in space than ever before thanks to the new James-Webb telescope.

Tuesday, July 12, people gathered in Waukesha County at the Horwitz-Deremer planetarium for their open house. The planetarium is part of the Wakesha Public Schools. It was a non-stop day at as people piled in to the planetarium for education programming, and the big reveal of the new James-Webb telescope pictures.

Kelly Suha, an educator at the planetarium, spearheaded organizing the day. She said it was exciting to share seeing these new highly detailed images for the first time with everyone.

"We found out less than a month ago that today was the day so we had nothing on the calendar so that was, why not do it on the day and have it live," said Suha.

Kids like Everly Jones said going into the planetarium was an amazing moment.

"It was like wow I feel I'm in two whole other worlds," said Everly.

Educators there said it was also a very educational experience, something Maddox White said he enjoyed.

"Learning about space has been always one of my favorite things besides watching movies," said White.

Kids took part in free snacks as well as arts and crafts.

"I made this telescope, I got some stickers and some tape," said Noah McAren.

Planetarium Director Lisa Swaney said they hope people keep talking about the shows, both educational and entertaining, that they provide.

"Really our goal is just to try to become more of a community resource and educational center for all," said Swaney.

"You should go and it's fun," said Riley McAren.

If you're interested in seeing a show there during the week, tickets are $4 and $5 on weekends. 

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