Waukesha parade tragedy healthcare workers get special visit from Brewers team

NOW: Waukesha parade tragedy healthcare workers get special visit from Brewers team

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It's been six months since tragedy struck during the Christmas parade in Waukesha. As a form of appreciation, two players from the Brewers, Rowdy Tellez and Brad Boxberger, signed memorabilia on Friday, May 20 for over 20 healthcare workers who helped save many lives.

"It's very exciting we come from a very big baseball family so getting the opportunity to meet the players is always right up there," said Ashley Verburgt who is part of the Emergency Department at Aurora Summit.

Verburgt was one of many healthcare workers who took care of Waukesha victims. Parade victims were rushed to Aurora Summit where the actions of the Emergency, Trauma and ICU teams saved 10 lives.

Some of the healthcare workers look back at that troubling weekend, a trauma surgeon sharing that he keeps those who have been scarred by the incident in his thoughts.

"For me I think it was realizing that all the physical wounds heal but even realizing all the patients we didn’t see that were traumatized from the youngest kids to the bystanders that were helping out and don’t have the coping resources," said Joel Harris, who is part of the Trauma Unit.

Another healthcare worker describes the scene she remembers as they were working to help injured patients.

"It was a little bit of chaos from the hospital side with the staff members coming in to help and changing patient rooms and making sure everyone is comfortable and feel safe in the environment," said Lindsey Lange, who is part of the Medical Surgery Unit.

The Brewers greeted the healthcare workers with two huge "Thank You" cards signed by Brewers fans at Tuesday's Healthcare Appreciation Night game. Members of the ICU, Trauma and Emergency Units were able to take home signed souvenirs from the Brewers players.

The caregivers said that although they don't do their job to receive praise and attention, the appreciation from the community makes their job a little bit easier.

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