'Waukesha 💔' logo seen around the world now on yard signs to help victims

NOW: ’Waukesha 💔’ logo seen around the world now on yard signs to help victims

HARTLAND, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Since a driver barreled through the Waukesha Holiday Parade Sunday, Nov. 21, we've seen many stories of heroism come out of Waukesha.

We've also seen stories of people with no direct connection to the victims step up to offer whatever help they can.

Bob Wisniewski was one of those people, helping with a simple yard sign.

"It was just everywhere. Instantly it was everywhere," said Wisniewski, the owner of Avalon Graphics in Hartland.

He's talking about this logo that you've probably seen on your Facebook or Instagram feed by now.

It's been shared thousands of time. People have changed their profile pictures to this logo. 

The woman who created it, Sarah Kooiman, runs the blog "Milwaukee Moms," and she lives in Waukesha.

"I quickly created a simple image with a broken heart and our city's name and shared it to social media, thinking it would just be a simple symbol to communicate 'we see you,' and a way for folks to easily check in with one another to let them know they were okay," said Kooiman in a statement.

"It's so simple and perfect -- Waukesha and the broken heart. You don't really need to say much more," said Wisniewski. "It kind of fits exactly how you feel. Your heart is just breaking for this community."

Avalon Graphics is located in neighboring Hartland. Wisniewski said he doesn't know anyone directly impacted by the tragic parade events, but he still feels a connection to the Waukesha community.

He saw Kooiman's logo as a a symbol of unity and hope, so he reached out to her about putting the logo on yard signs. Now he's selling them for $20 and donating the proceeds to the United for Waukesha Community Fund.

"You're sitting back just watching this stuff like 'what can I do? How can I help?'" said Wisniewski.

People across the world have heard of Waukesha, Wisconsin now. But for those who've seen the tragedy unfold right in their own back yard, Wisniewski hopes these signs can offer some support.

"It really helps that sense of community, which I feel like is needed right now," said Wisniewski.

To get a yard sign, you can call Avalon Graphics at 262-367-9002.

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