Waukesha Common Council approves commission for permanent Christmas parade memorial

NOW: Waukesha Common Council approves commission for permanent Christmas parade memorial

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A permanent memorial to honor those affected by the Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy is closer to being installed. Common Council members approved the creation of a new commission Wednesday, Jan. 19.

According to Project Charter, members of the commission are asked to "create a memorial that thoughtfully honors the victims of the Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy, provides an opportunity for reflection, and represents healing as a community." 

"My opinion is that the commission is going to put this together and bring in the public to provide input to it, as well as they're going to be in control of it pretty much," Mayor Shawn Reilly said during the Wednesday council meeting.

Right now, the commission is a mix of about 13 members, with delegates from the Waukesha School District, downtown businesses, city leaders and first responders.

Representatives from the Dancing Grannies, Extreme Dance and the family of Jackson Sparks, 8, are also involved.

The commission will work with city staff, and will also be consulted by the Waukesha County DA's Office of Victims' Service and NAMI -- the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Reilly said the commission will be in charge of most everything -- from finding a location, design, fundraising and construction of the permanent site.

An actual schedule has not been outlined yet, but a two-year timeline is suggested in the charter.

Memorial design and fundraising could begin this spring and summer, with construction starting early next year.

Overall, Reilly said this project will take time.

During the council meeting, Reilly also said the commission could add more members if they choose, including minors.

It is expected that public comment will be taken into consideration.

To watch the full Common Council meeting, click here.

To read the Project Charter for the Parade Memorial Commission, click here.

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